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I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA on February 6th 1982. I only spent 6 weeks in the United States until my parents moved back to Germany with me after my father completed his work experience in the states. I grew up in Schrobenhausen, Germany where I got my first guitar by the age of 12. I soon went on to play the electric guitar in a band when I was 14. This was only a student band but after a couple of years the first serious steps were taken. I founded the Rock band ULYSSES together with Sebastian Berger who played the Keyboards. Unfortunately ULYSSES never had a live gig, but a three track demo was recorded. At the same time I helped out the local band “Innersense” for a performance as a bassist.


In May 2001 I met Michael Euringer and Harry Torment. Together we started the AOR formation YOURINGA. Since then the band played many live gigs in the Munich area and released one album called “Test of Time” in 2009. Besides that YOURINGA songs can be found on two local samplers as well as on a self tilted EP. YOURINGA also contributed the track “Hypnotized” to the Simple Minds tribute album “swimming towards the sun” in 2002. Influenced by bands like Van Halen, White Lion and Journey, I wrote many songs for YOURINGA in the typical 80’s AOR style. At that time I also started to get familiar with digital recording systems.



Also in 2001 I was asked to take the lead guitar position in the Power Metal band PHANTOM’S KISS. The group played a couple of live performances until it was put on hold for an undefined time.


Together with PHANTOM’S KISS’s lead vocalist Harry Torment, I started a new Melodic Rock band called HAWKMOON. Sadly this project never really kicked off.


In 2004 I entered another group consisting of Harry Torment and Florian Lederhofer from PHANTOM’S KISS. The lineup also contained Ozzy S. and Markus Herzinger who had success with the AOR formation “2nd East” in the early 90’s, especially with their album “Heart on fire”. This new group was still looking for a name at that time. Eventually I named the band after a song on my all-time favorite album “Mood Swings” from Harem Scarem. The opener “Saviors never cry” inspired to the band’s name SAVIORS CRY. Together with Anita Herzinger and later frontman Falco Muench (ex-Empire, Germany), who replaced Ozzy S., this band rocked the Munich area as a Hard Rock Cover band performing songs from AC/DC to ZZ Top. But also lesser known Melodic Rock jewels like Talisman, Skid Row and Tyketto were noted on the set list.

After playing lead guitar in many bands for years I started my own one-man-project in 2006. RISING WINGS was born. This project allowed me to write, produce and sing my own songs. The first EP “Rising Wings” containing three songs was recorded in a small studio near my hometown. Influenced by albums from Hardline, Giant and Dare the songs were produced in a typical 80’s Melodic Rock style. The drums were played by Markus Herzinger and Faloc Muench, both members of SAVIORS CRY. Besides the drums I played all the instruments on the album and also designed the artwork. The EP received good critics from German Hard Rock magazines “Rock It!” and “Break out” and local newspapers as well. Some copies of the CD even got sold in Japan.


Opening a myspace account brought a bigger attention to RISING WINGS. I recorded my 2nd EP the same way I did with my debut CD. At the end of 2008 “Higher” was released with a total of five tracks on it. SAVIORS CRY vocalist Falco Muench played the drums and the production took place at Klangwasserstudios once again. “Higher” received very good press as well. The magazines “Hardline” and “Powerplay” released very positive reviews of the CD and webzines like “Rockingboy” acclaimed the quality of the Melodic Rock songs. In 2009 I got interviewed by Rob Evans for AOR Underground, which voted “Higher” 4th best demo of the year. The EP’s opener “Rising Fire” was released on a local sampler called “SOB rocks Earth Vol. 3” later that year as well.




In 2009 I also released the single “Mittendrin” to support the youth work in my hometown Schrobenhausen.


2010 saw a break in my life. Due to my job as a civil engineer I moved to New York City. I continued to write songs for RISING WINGS in order to release a full length album at some point. After finding a recording studio in New York I recorded one song at the end of 2010. Bobby Santiago from the Queens based band “Bloodwork” played the drums and Ray Balconis of Studio Ray mixed and mastered the song after I recorded all the instruments including the vocals. The single “Times of Rain” was then released in February 2011.


When I came back to my Bavarian hometown later that year I jammed with a couple of guys at an open stage gig. This worked out really well that eventually a band was formed: The SMALLTOWN REBELS are playing Hard Rock Classics specialised on the 70’s and 80’s with a lineup that consists of Hans Klebel (Life & Beyond), Bene Rauscher (Lobster Club), Franz Raßhofer (Joe Leila) and Cordula Wiedenmann.


Before I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for work in May 2012 I finished off  songs I recorded in the year 2009 at Klangwasserstudios. Together with additional songs that were recorded in the summer of 2011 at Studio Ray in New York there was finally enough material for a Rising Wings Longplayer.


During my time in Kuala Lumpur I was able to jam with a couple of local live bands in the course of 2012 and in early 2013. Unfortunately there was not enough time to finalize the long planned full length album due to my job as a civil engineer.


I moved to Singapore in May 2013. As it was time for a new “sign of life” for Rising Wings I’ve put together the “Lonely Is The Night” single that contains the song in two versions. It was released in November 2013.




I returned to my hometown Schrobenhausen in 2014 where I played a gig with the SMALLTOWN REBELS at the Schrannenfest, the local city festival. In 2015 I joined the SCHWARZBAUER band for a huge gig at the Stereowald Festival in Aichach.


Later that year it was time for a new project: Together with some colleagues from work I founded the band HYDRAULICA. With a lineup of Christoph Soier (Lobster Club), Jürgen Kukol (Ackermanns Blüten) and Stefan Schnitzler (Jeff Vader) we’ve got a set of Hard Rock Covers and own songs.


In 2016 I released a single containing the song “Standing As One” that I wrote for the Bauer AG as their official company song.


Keep on ROCKIN’ !!!