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How did you get started in the music business?

I started playing in bands when I was 14 years old and I always wanted to record my own album. After playing in several bands with a stylistic range from AOR to Power Metal I thought that it was time to do something on my own. That`s why I founded Rising Wings as a solo project.


Why the music business?

When I recorded the first EP "Rising Wings" I got in touch with the music business through magazines, webzines and CD- sellers. So… it happened automatically…


Who, or what, has been the biggest influence on you as a musician?

My biggest influences have been guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Neal Schon, Reb Beach, Brian May, Pete Lesperance, Steve Morse, Dann Huff and a lot more. They were my heroes and I learned a lot from them about playing the guitar, writing songs and arranging songs.


The first EP was a good solid effort, but the second was a whole lot better, was the 1st EP a good learning curve?

Yes it was. The EP "Rising Wings" was my first experience with studio recordings. So it was just a natural development that the second CD, "Higher", was a little bit more developed. But I also like my first output. The songs are rougher and the keyboards are not that dominant.


You seem to have added a whole lot more colour to "Higher". The 1st EP was very much on one level?

I wanted to have a bigger variety of songs. But all of the songs on "Higher" are still in a Melodic Rock style, going from a heavy rock song like "Rising Fire" to an acoustic end with "Coming Home". I wanted to record more songs, but the studio costs are still very high to get a good sound quality. That´s why there are only five songs on the EP. It´s quality before quantity…


It seems to have been a slow, steady build up for the project. Is that a good thing?

I think it´s a good process to develop the songs with enough time. I´m learning more with every album I record and the more I learn, the better the music gets. The other thing is, that I´ve got a normal job to do, giving me not too much time for my hobby as a “Rocker".


Pick your three favourite songs from it and tell us why they are your favourites?

"Without Your Love" is one of my favourites. It´s very melodic with a powerful keyboard in the style of Van Halen… just like you wrote it in your review about the album "Higher". Another song I like is "Mystery". It´s a rocker with a heavy guitar riff and a cool solo. "Higher" has a very catchy hookline with tons of melody. These three songs would be my first choice but I like the other songs as well.


What bands did you grow up with and how did they help in creating the style of music that can be found on your CD?

I grew up with the Beatles and Queen. Somehow I have never been into the popular up to date popular music. I was always listening to rock music that was written in the past. When I started to play the guitar my music style changed and moved into a Melodic Rock direction. Bands like Journey, Van Halen, Harem Scarem and Hardline dominated my CD- Player. These Bands had been a big influence on my song-writing and that´s something you can hear on the Rising Wings albums.


Give us 3 reasons why the readers of AOR Underground/Powerplay Magazine should buy your CDs?

Rising Wings is real Melodic Rock in the 80s style. It´s nothing completely new for sure, but it´s the music I love… and I think that there are many people like me who are fans of bands like Journey, Harem Scarem, Treat and so on. These are the people who may like my songs.

There are not that many newcomers in this music scene. Give it a try! You won´t be disappointed!


Do you play live? If so do you include any covers in your set?

I do play live. Rising Wings is a "One man show", that´s why I perform the songs in acoustic versions. But I´m playing in a Hard Rock Cover Band, called "Saviors Cry" as well. We are playing songs from Gotthard, Rainbow, Skid Row, Whitesnake and more 80´s rock bands.


How did you get your record deal?

I don´t have a record deal yet, but I´m already in contact with the label “Avenue of Allies” from Germany.


Have you had any major record label interest?

Not yet.


If you weren't on Myspace talking to me, what would you be doing?

I would probably write songs or eat pizza… or both of it together…


If you had to pick one song that defined Rock n roll to you what would it be?

My most favourite Song is "Jump" from Van Halen. I love the keyboards and the solo is great. This one was a big influence on my songwriting and for me it´s ROCK´N´ROLL!


What type of coverage has your CD had so far?

Most of the CDs have been sold in Germany. Some Japanese guys were also interested in my music. But we are not talking about huge selling numbers.


Whats next, and what does the future hold for you?

I´m going to release an album with my second band "Youringa" in 2009. It will be a full length CD in an AOR/ Melodic Rock style as well. But there are plans for new songs for Rising Wings in the near future. So there will be a new CD coming out for sure.


Who were the first and last band that you saw live?

The first known band I saw live was Metallica at the "Rock im Park" Festival. It is one of the biggest rock events in Germany. And the last band has been the "Stage Dolls" from Norway at the "Rock over Munich" festival. A great live band!


What have been the high points, and low points, of your career, so far.

I would say that one of the high points of my "career" is this interview. I haven´t had many low points yet, because I just started my "career".


What music would you have played at your funeral and why?

I always thought "Stairway to Heaven" would be cool. For me this is one of the best Rock Songs ever and I think it´s perfect for a funeral. But I don´t know, what my relatives will say, when they hear the hard rockin´ guitar riffs at the end of the song…


What five albums would you take with you on a desert island?

Harem Scarem - Mood Swings

Hardline - Double Eclipse

Dare - Out of the Silence

Giant - Time to burn

Return - V


Download, or buy the real thing..and why?

Definetly buy the real thing! First of all it is the quality. A CD simply sounds better than a MP3 file. And the other thing is the product itself. I want to hold it in my hand and have a look at the complete thing: The cover artwork, the artists, who played the music and so on. I´m a collector. So I will always buy the real thing.


Anything you would like to add or say to the readers of AOR Underground/Powerplay Magazine?

Thanks a lot for reading this interview. I never thought that I would give an interview at all. Check out my homepages www.risingwings.de and www.myspace.com/risingwingsgermany and take a listen to my music. I hope you like it. Thanks to Rob Evans.

Cheers and ROCK ON!


Interviewed by Rob Evans - AOR Underground 2009